Changing the world in small ways with technology

We help you take your tech product dreams and turn them into reality.

Our collaborative software development process has helped dozens of tech startups and spinoffs get their unique ideas in front of their customers as a minimum viable product (MVP) since 2015.

We're with you all the way: a Fish Percolator MVP isn't a throwaway prototype — they're designed to be scalable and maintainable, and we can empower you with the tools and skills you need to keep your product alive.

Our mission is to change the world in small ways through the application of technology. Does that match your product idea? Let's work together!

ipse Freelancer Awards 2017, Finalist: Inspire

Fish Percolator is a microbusiness

Please be aware that Fish Percolator is a microbusiness, currently operating one day a week, and is not available for any large-scale projects. We're still very excited to work with you to get your MVP off the ground!

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Why we're different

Fish in teacups having a conversation


Person with a percolator and a speech bubble containing a fish

Honesty & humour

Two percolators marked with a cross and a tick

Regression testing

A wide percolator with an eel

Horizontal scalability

A percolator and three successively larger fish

Iterative development

A lattice of hexagons, with a fish percolator in the middle

Leaving a positive legacy

A percolator winning the gold medal in a sporting event

Proven success stories

A percolator protesting with a fish placard

A social conscience