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Careview is a project developed by the Urban Sustainable Development Lab, of which Fish Percolator is a member. This Rails-based mobile web app allows citizens to report instances of neglect in the built environment, which are aggregated together into a heatmap. The intention is to help frontline services identify socially isolated citizens, testing a hypothesis that these two things are connected.

Careview uses the user's phone geolocation to allow the reporting of this information in a single click, on a large colourful heart on the home screen.

The project was funded by a grant from NHS England and is being developed in collaboration with Leeds City Council. It's currently the subject of a major evaluation in Leeds, involving researchers and frontline staff.

Some things we developed for Careview include:

  • Runs as a PWA on compatible devices, meaning it can be installed as though it was a mobile app.
  • Geolocation - it uses your phone's current location to add data to the heatmap.
  • A custom Google heatmap for presenting the data in a usable and anonymised way.
  • Very small data footprint so it can be used by users on restricted data plans.
  • Verification system when users sign up for a new account.

Careview is currently the subject of a closed trial, but please do ask for a demo if you'd like to see it in action.

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