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This website

This website

When we first started, we had a WordPress website like everyone else out there. But that didn't seem a very Fish Percolator thing to do, so we built this website you're looking at.

The Fish Percolator website, as well as having a unique look, is a showcase of modern JavaScript and internet best practices. Its features include:

  • Built entirely using the amazing Vue.js JavaScript framework, which knocks React and friends out of the park.
  • Statically generated as a Nuxt application, and hosted on GitHub Pages to take advantage of their CDN and http/2 support, and to allow it to be crawled by search engines.
  • Full adherence to modern web standards and accessibility, with a 96/100/100/100/100 score on Google Lighthouse.
  • A fancy radial menu control, adapted to Vue from a concept by Bennett Feely.
  • Auto-generation of the multi-tabbed portfolio page from a JSON config file.
  • A PWA, allowing it to be installed as an app on modern Android devices for offline browsing.

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