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Improve Your Accent

Improve Your Accent

The Improve Your Accent online course is the digital syllabus from 2017 Freelancer of the Year winner Luke Nicholson.

We built all the technology for the course, including a sophisticated backend that allows Luke to add and edit content.

Because this is a specialized subject, the course could not be built with off-the-shelf e‑learning technology, and so it was a great fit for Fish Percolator. The course technology features:

  • A progressive web app experience, where the frontend is loaded into the user's device and feels "native"
  • Integration with Braintree for payments and subscriptions
  • IPA transcriptions that can be turned on or off
  • Integrated audio players with speed controls
  • Integrated video players
  • Various different types of guessing games
  • Click-for-audio vowel and consonant charts
  • Integration with Demio for live classes
  • User bookmarks and progress recording

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