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Maple (Mapping Leeds) is a browser-based app for visualising datasets of Leeds geographic data.

It contains two tools: a ward map, which shows a numeric dataset as relative intensities of Leeds's 33 wards, and a postcode map which displays a heatmap given a list of postcodes in the city.

It was commissioned by Time to Shine for their datasets, but it can be used for all kinds of Leeds datasets, from election results to the locations of pedestrian crossings.

Maple was developed entirely in Vue.js in 2 days and runs in the browser with no server-side components at all.

Features of this app include:

  • A hybrid of open data and the Google Maps API.
  • A fully reactive interface: maps redraw whenever any field changes.
  • Auto-saving using browser local storage.
  • A mechanism for downloading the map as an image using the mystical html2canvas.

Maple is best viewed on a desktop in the Chrome browser, as it uses a number of cutting-edge browser features.

Try Maple for yourself