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Noiiz is a Leeds startup that is revolutionising the world of music production by providing access to a vast catalogue of sounds & presets for a single subscription price. It's been featured in Music Tech Magazine, Sound On Sound and more, and has thousands of regular users.

We've been working with Noiiz since the very beginning, bootstrapping their technology with the Rails web app that powers their main catalogue. Now they have their own development team and we've been working closely with them to develop features and enhancements, and consulting on the best ways to scale the platform.

Some of the technical features we've introduced to Noiiz include:

  • A search & filtering engine for the catalogue featuring PostgreSQL tsvector technology.
  • Deep integration with Stripe for recurring payments.
  • Quota management for users on different subscription plans.
  • An in-browser audio player with waveform display.
  • "Infinite" scrolling on most pages.
  • Administration interface with spreadsheet upload functionality for adding new sounds to the catalogue.
  • A jobs worker that handles the background processing of sound metadata.
  • A variant user interface that is integrated directly into their DAW plugin.
  • A comprehensive test suite which now has over 800 test cases.

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"Before Quinn asked me if I’d mind writing a testimonial for their website, I had already planned to email them thanking them for everything they've done for our company so far, so everything you read here would have been said anyway and I can honestly say there is no exaggeration or embellishment.

"Quinn is unlike any other developer we have ever worked with, in that they have that rare combination of technical excellence, crystal clear communication and customer empathy. Their commitment to test driven development means your software will be stable and scaleable and their agile approach to scoping out features forces you, as a product owner, to better define how you think your software should work.

"Quinn also cares, a lot! Despite their expertise this is the one characteristic that has made working with them a real pleasure. Their passion is not just for coding, but making a difference in the world and that has been evident throughout our working relationship.

"We’re looking forward to working with Quinn more in the future and kind of hope you don’t, so we can have them all to ourself!"

David Rose, CEO