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Revelry is a toolkit for making presentations in code using the amazing Reveal.js by Hakim El Hattab. We built it because we really dislike PowerPoint and wanted something as pleasant as MkDocs or LaTeX for quickly coding up flashy presentations.

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To learn more about Revelry, visit this introductory presentation written using Revelry (and its source code)

I needed a way to use Reveal.js for a large corporate project that would make it easy to add or modify small sections without the code becoming too unwieldy. Since the content was being changed frequently, I was also hoping to use an HTML templating system like Jade, and SASS compilation to speed up development.

Revelry to the rescue! One command in the terminal to build the project instantly. I could never have done it without Revelry. And Quinn was super helpful by adding in some features which helped make this project a success.

Maureen Dunlap, Sr. Front End Developer, VIF International Education