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Tailormade by Pecan Deluxe is a unique web and mobile (PWA) app, made for Pecan Deluxe, one of the world's major creators of confectionery for food manufacturers.

It helps food designers to capture their inspiration whenever it strikes by providing them with a Pinterest-style 'mood board' for things like the colour, taste and shape of the ingredient they want designing.

Tailormade is a fully responsive app that works equally well on desktop or mobile, and includes the following features:

  • Image upload from your device or directly from the web
  • Automated image resizing and rotation
  • Masonry-based tiling of images
  • Printable briefs with a dedicated printer stylesheet
  • Sharing between members of the same organisation but access restricted to members of other organisations

Tailormade was made in only 2 weeks of development time and features designs by Jamie Donaldson of Outpost.