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William Hill Cloud

William Hill Cloud

Fish Percolator was on contract to William Hill in 2015, helping to develop the William Hill Cloud software, a proprietary application deployment platform used throughout the organization.

Much of this work was spent integrating the backend of William Hill Cloud with, the Ruby cloud services library, with many contributions back to the project, resulting in Fish Percolator's Quinn being named the MVP of version 1.37.

Job management was done using Resque, and during this time we contributed a gem – resque-status-future – that adds future support to the resque-status library.

"Quinn worked in my team for around 6 months and proved themself to be an exceptional developer, with a keen eye for detail. They produced good, well tested code and in the course of their brief time here contributed patches to a number of open source projects, notably the project that merged in their various patches in short order. I would highly recommend Quinn."

Anthony Roy, Development Lead